about us

Founded in 2011 and we are now an importing and exporting trading company that provides basic energy storage equipment and various commissioning equipment for Australian energy companies such as Jemena and AusNet. Mondiaux has the ability to communicate and screening power equipment manufacturers as representatives of Australian energy companies to ensure that imported equipment meets IEC standards, RCM and CEC listing requirements. We are committed to providing cost-effective power equipment for Australian energy companies.

our services procedure

For Negotiation Stage: Mondiaux summarizes the specific conditions according to the requirements of the Australian Energy Company, screens the appropriate exporters of power equipment, and inquires and expresses the purchase intention to the power equipment exporters. The exporter made an offer to Mondiaux, which was returned by Mondiaux, and the agent and the exporter both agreed to “accept” and complete the offer. Followed by the parties signed the contract and completed the relevant formalities.

Performing the Contract: Mondiaux applies for import license, import visa, development of letter of credit, negotiation (booking) for FOB delivery conditions, and insurance water insurance for FOB or C&F; exporters The job is to stock up, domestically transport, negotiate the ship’s position on C&F or CIF conditions, insured water insurance with CIF conditions, export signing, commodity inspection and customs declaration.

Delivery Phase: The exporter is required by the letter of credit. Prepare the shipping documents to collect money (or exchange) from the designated bank within the time specified in the credit, or ask the bank to collect the payment (D/P, D/A).

our strength

Rich Project Operation Experience: Mondiaux has rich experience in international energy project management and meticulous cooperation processes, and has provided numbers of Australian energy companies with high quality and cost-effective power infrastructure. At the same time, Mondiaux has long-term stable cooperation with many large-scale power equipment manufacturers, and can make various project plans according to different project needs in the first time.

Reliable Information Sources: Mondiaux has long-term and stable international partners, which can provide you with professional and reliable information about international power equipment, as well as professional people to solve problems related to power equipment.

Excellent Trade Approaching Service: Mondiaux has experienced project negotiators who can provide you with the most effective and timely information and feedback to make your communication fast and effective.

Mondiaux has a wealth of experience, has an in-depth understanding of the trends of electrical equipment import and export, policies, technical standards, also has professional judgment, and insight into the market. Mondiaux can find the right partner for your needs and will provide a strong support for your business.