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    2021 is here. Small-Scale Technology certifications(STCs) have trade down. Many of our customers didn’t catch the last train in 2020! 

    So the first month of this year we decided to cover this gap for our customers.

    *Based on 6.66kw solar PV system STCs gap between last year 2020 and this year 2021.

    • >6.66kw solar PV system: STCs gap can be covered for systems within 6.66kw, but not for the exceeding part. 
    • <=6.66kw: for systems less than or equal to 6.66kw, STCs gap will be covered by us.

       Promotion valid date: 31/01/2021

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    Shopping around for a solar power system can be confusing, with many different products and companies in the market.

    By choosing a company like Mondiaux Solar that has signed on to the Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer Code of Conduct , you are buying from a company that provides a minimum five-year whole of system and installation warranty, also as a Government Approved Contractor, Mondiaux solar has committed to a high level of customer service.

    Based in Canberra, Mondiaux Solar is committed to providing solar energy solutions to all residents and business owners. We value ourselves for delivering high-quality solar systems, exceptional customer service and profound product knowledge.

    quality products

    Mondiaux selects high-quality, cost-effective products for you which you can rely on for years.

    professional team

    Mondiaux has extensive solar design and installation experience. Our senior engineers and installers will build up a system design and installation plan for you.

    reliable services

    Mondiaux has a comprehensive after-sales service system that can provide you with timely and effective after-sales service.



    We arrange a thorough on-site visit and design the optimal solar system for you based on your energy usage pattern and requirements.


    Our certified and experienced installers will perform your installation in a timely & professional manner.


    Our solar experts provide you with the best possible solar solutions to minimize your costs and maximize your investment returns.

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    We Bring You Solar

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