Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install solar system, is the procedure complicated?

Since the deposit is made by the customer, it is determined that the installation of the solar power system begins, and it usually takes 3-6 weeks to complete the installation. During this period, Mondiaux will have the sole responsibility to help customers apply and handle various procedures. Customers only need to cooperate with the staff to provide application related materials!

What size of the system does a residential/business property needs to install?

Mondiaux Solar recommends that you choose the size of your system based on the power needs of your home or business property. In general, Australian households are advised to install 6.6 kW-10 kW for maximizing household income.

Is there a government subsidy for solar systems? How does it work?

There are subsidies. The subsidy is determined by the size of the installation system. The bigger the system, the more subsidies. For a 6.6kW system, the subsidize will be around $3900.

How does a solar power system generate revenue?

During the day, the solar energy system is self-sufficient, and the unused electricity will be sold to the grid to realize “making money”.

How about the warranty of your solar system?

The performance of a typical solar system is guaranteed for 25 years. Solar panels and inverters have different warranty times depending on the brand and model chosen by the customer. For example: Risen 330w has a 15-year warranty and Huawei inverter come with a 10-year warranty. The Mondiaux installation is guaranteed for 5 years.

will my roof leak after installing solar system?

Under normal circumstances it will not. The installation warranty from Mondiaux is 5 years, and all electricians are professionally trained and certified. Fundamentally put an end to the occurrence of unqualified projects!

What if damages occur to the structure of my home or the roof iron or tile during the installation of the solar system?

Mondiaux has a $15 million Public Liability insurance. During the construction process, the losses caused by the company shall be borne by the company.

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