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“Green Loan” is a financial service tailored by Mondiaux in corporation with Australia’s leading credit service provider Brighte for Mondiaux’s renewable energy VIP customers. The service aims to promote the usage of renewable energy system, so that everyone can afford the systems. Therefore, the financial services will only available to customers who choose to install the renewable energy (solar system) from us.

The Mondiaux “Green Loan” is designed to provide you with reliable, convenient and fast loans that are available to all VIP customers of Mondiaux Renewable Energy Systems (Solar System).

why choose "green loan"

With this service, you can better control your money while also ensuring your financial situation

“Green Loan” has a flexible loan program that you can choose based on your actual needs

Mondiaux’s service staff will help you with the relevant loan procedures, saving your time and effort

Easy Steps to join "green loan"

As low as 10% of deposit, 0 handling fee, free interest rate than other loans, flexible loan term (2-7 years optional) and variety of loan plans.

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