Why solar for Business ?

Going solar could deliver true benefits for your business. It helps you to boost your bottom line by lowering your electricity expenses. Government rebates and tax incentives for installing the commercial solar systems also enhance your financial performance. As solar energy is clean and sustainable, it reduces your carbon footprints, improves the business’s green credentials and demonstrates the commitment to corporate social responsibility, making you appeal to potential customers or tenants.

Similar to the residential solar system, commercial solar system generates electricity during the day to satisfy business’s needs first, with the unused electricity fed into the grid. The feed-in-tariff (FIT) also applies in commercial cases, delivering long term electricity cost saving to your business. Also, the initial investment costs of the solar system are reduced by either the rebates on STCs (Small-scale Technology Certificates) or revenues from LGCs (Large Scale Generation Certificates).

Mondiaux Solar’s consultants will approach you as the business owner to understand your business architectural structure, energy needs, budgets and usage patterns and customize the best solar system design and quotation for your business. Our experienced installers will provide you with free professional suggestions for the system installation and ongoing maintenance and after installation services.

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